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Zanzibah Alpacas...... is based on the belief that our animals and customers' needs are of the utmost importance.  We are committed to meeting those needs.
We believe that quality speaks for itself, all our animals are very social and are well handled.  I dedicate alot of time to gain the confidence and trust of all my animals, knowing each one individually and by name. 
I have sourced my animals from all over the UK.  I have quality genetics from American Peruvian descent, Australian descent and I have also purchased animals from both large and small alpaca breeders to establish my quality multi-coloured herd.  I am now focusing on breeding my own home-bred animals.
                                                      ZANZIBAH ZANUBIS
                                                                      Rose Grey
                                                       Date of Birth 17/07/2008
Proven Stud Male
Dark Rose Grey Male
American Peruvian Descent
True to Type, He carries a beautiful dense fleece, excellent staple length, good brightness with plenty of character and crimp,  with a very unusual uniform colour on a solid frame. Zanzibah Zanubis carries minimal guard hair.  He is a solid male with good substance of bone.  He is kind natured and easy to handle.
Zanubis has his first progeny here this summer,(2011) giving us a beautiful Rose Grey girl.... allowing his unusual  colour through to his progeny.
 He was placed at  the Scottish   National in 2009.                
Fleece Stats.  25.9M   SD 5.8u  CV22.2%  Comfort Factor of 81.9%
                                                    ZANZIBAH ZETO
                                                Date of  Birth 24. 09 .2009
Fabulous Mid Grey Male.
He has to be seen to be appreciated, Zeto is a  very compact male, with substance of bone.  He carries a huge amount of very bright fleece, good staple length,  with lovely character and crimp. He has a very uniform colour with very little variation through-out, with fantastic fine uniform bundling fleece.  Zanzibah Zeto carries minimal guard hair.  He has a very kind nature and is easy to handle.
Zeto is home bred and we are very fortunate to have such a quality grey male here in the North East of Scotland at Zanzibah Alpacas.
This is his first working year....we eagerly await the arrival of his cria next year.
He is a striking boy.
Fleece Stats.  21.7M  SD 4.7u  CV21.6%  Comfort Factor 95.8%
Zanzibah Zeto fleece yield this year (2011) was over 5 kgs. 
With 4 kgs of blanket.
                                                    BARNACRE DUKE
Duke is the son of Bozedown Viscount. 
He has superb genetics from the renowned Jolimont Conquistador Australian blood lines. 
He is a very sociable chap with a lovely nature, easy to handle.
Duke has a very appealing Accoyo style face, with superbly fine uniform elite bundling fleece with  excellent brightness, with good crimp and character through-out.  Duke carries minimal guard hair. 
Fleece Stats.  18.2M  SD  4.4u  CV 23.9%  Comfort Factor  98.6%
                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                          THE NEW BOYS  ...........  ARE HERE
                                                               Grand Sire Jolimont Commisario
 Dam :   WELLGROUND COOL LUCY                                 
Fleece Stats  20.4M  SD 3.4  CV  16.9%
                                                                   WELLGROUND STRAVINSKY
                                                                                       WHITE                Right
                       His Sire is the most decorated alpaca to enter the UK in 2009.
                            Winning 9 Supreme Championships
               Sire :    SILVERSTREAM CZAR OF ANZAC
                    Dam :    WELLGROUND RUFFO'S REFLECTION 
                                               Fleece Stats  19.0M  SD  4.3  CV 22.8% 
We are very excited here at Zanzibah Alpacas to have sourced two excellent potential future herd sires from the renowned home of Elite White Alpacas from Wellground Alpaca Stud in Wiltshire.
These two boys are sure to bring superb genetics into Scotland. 
Wellground Stravinsky has already been busy here at Zanzibah Alpacas, this is his first working year and we are already looking forward to seeing his progeny arrive in 2013.
Both of these boys have fantastic fleeces that you only would expect to find on the best bloodlines.  They have solid correct conformation which carries superfine amazing fleeces.  Packed with elite bundling fleeces , consistent with superfine crimp and brightness these boys really set the standard for breeding quality alpacas for the future.
Zanzibah Alpacas are aiming high ..... we are focused and looking forward to a 'Super Fine'  future.
If you would like to come and see us and share in our passion to breed quality that is truly outstanding ..... 
Unfortunately due to the ever increasing risk.  All our Stud males are 'In House Use' only.  We do not offer any outside Stud Services at this moment in time.
We operate a closed herd, thus reducing any risk factor for infectious disease. 
We are sorry of any inconvenience that this may cause.
However peace of mind is priceless.

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